A specific look


Henri Quenette directed three movies: "A Tiny Drop of Change", "Love Me Tenderloin" and "Brawl in the Bronx".


He handles all aspects of the filmmaking: writing, designing, pre-production, shooting and post-production. He is helped by a network of close technical and artistic collaborators. Pre-production is of the most importance: field observation, investigation, selection of information and field work.


His work reflects his philosophy of life. The story lines are based on personal experiences with his interview subjects. His films depict a realistic look at the everyday life of his characters, often moving testimonies to our contemporary society.


Henri Quenette finds inspiration in many sources: vidéo documentaries, works of fiction, radio programmes, etc.


Agnès Varda, Peter Watkins, Hubert Sauper, Albert and David Maysles, James Marsh, Federico Fellini, Gianfranco Rosi, Werner Herzog and Mehdi Ahoudig are among his major influences. He especialy likes the topics these directors delve into, which he also features in his films: current events, social interaction, the environment, politics, the arts and education.